April 5, 2023

Photo: Government of Montenegro

This summer, Kotor, a picturesque coastal city in Montenegro, will welcome a brand-new cable car attraction, further enhancing the region’s tourism industry and real estate market. The cable car, stretching 3,900 meters long with 40 gondolas, will have the capacity to transport 1,200 passengers per hour. The addition is expected to not only create a new tourist attraction but also increase demand for real estate in the city and its surrounding areas.

Video source: ekapija youtube channel

The cable car will commence its journey at Grbalj, Dub, providing passengers with a unique aerial view of the Adriatic Sea and the striking landscape of Kotor Bay. The journey will culminate at the plain called Kuk on the Lovećen mountain, standing at an impressive 1,348 meters above sea level. Visitors can look forward to unparalleled panoramas of the Montenegrin coastline and its lush, mountainous interior.

The project aims to improve accessibility to Lovećen mountain and its surrounding natural and cultural sites, making it an even more attractive destination for visitors and prospective real estate buyers. The cable car’s construction is expected to boost tourism, create jobs, and increase the overall demand for property in the region.