€195,000 80 m2

One-bedroom apartment with a sea view

Risan, Montenegro
1 2
€150,000 49 m2

Modern one-bedroom apartment in Dobrota

Dobrota, Montenegro
1 1
€1,082,102 131 m2

Two-bedroom apartment in luxury 5-star Resort

Risan, Montenegro
2 2
€614,541 85 m2

Luxury apartment within 5-star Resort

Risan, Montenegro
1 1
€1,700,000 1632 m2

Plot with a project on the first line

Muo, Montenegro
0-0 0-0
€870,000 235 m2

Front line stone house for renovation in Prcanj

Kotor, Montenegro
6 3
Price on request 144 m2

Two houses on the first line in Dobrota

Kotor, Montenegro
0-0 5
€2,500,000 274 m2

Waterfront stone villa in Dobrota

Kotor, Montenegro
4 4
Sold 73 m2

Brand new apartment with a sea view in Dobrota

Kotor, Montenegro
2 1
€299,000 82 m2

Two-bedroom apartment with sea views

Dobrota, Montenegro
2 2
€4,500,000 800 m2

Magnificent estate of stone palaces with pool

Prčanj, Montenegro
10 10
€175,000 50 m2

One-bedroom apartment with panoramic sea views

Kotor, Montenegro
1 1

Kotor properties for sale

Kotor, a picturesque town located in Montenegro, has become a highly sought-after destination for real estate investment. With its stunning natural scenery and rich cultural heritage, Kotor offers a unique and attractive lifestyle for those looking to invest in the Montenegrin real estate market. Kotor properties for sale range from apartments and houses to luxurious villas, all of which offer breathtaking views of the Bay and the surrounding mountains.

Kotor's real estate market is a vibrant and dynamic one, with a wide range of properties available to suit every taste and budget. Whether you're looking for a modern apartment in the heart of town or a spacious villa in a secluded location, Kotor has something to offer. The town's real estate market is constantly evolving, with new properties and developments emerging regularly. With its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and attractive investment opportunities, Kotor is a great choice for those looking to invest in Montenegro's real estate market.

Nestled and bordered by gray mountain massifs and a sparkling clear sea, "anchored" is the god-given Kotor, one of the largest and most important maritime cities in Montenegro and the heart of the Boka Bay. Under the slope of the cliffs of Lovćen, the old Mediterranean port and the Kotor Old Town which is surrounded by ramparts and bastions almost five kilometers long, which are the work of the hands of the old Venetians, while behind rises the hill of Saint Ivan with the main city fortress of San Giovanni on the top. The Bay of Kotor is often declared the southernmost fjord in Europe due to the fact that it is the deepest and longest bay on the Adriatic Sea. Kotor municipality is one of the largest in Montenegro and has the longest coast. One part of the coast is in Boka Bay while the other is on the Adriatic sea.

Breathtaking view from San Giovanni Fortress

World cultural heritage in Kotor

Over the centuries, Kotor was influenced by Venetian, French and Austrian authorities, each of which in their own way left their mark on the legacy of Kotor. While the Bay of Kotor is often declared the southernmost fjord in Europe due to the fact that it is the deepest and longest bay on the Adriatic Sea. Remacramble architecture surrounded by natural beauty put Kotor on the list of World cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1979. Kotor contributes to the World cultural heritage with his Old Town and fortifications walls, natural beauty since the entire region of Kotor bay is also protected by UNESCO and from 2021 Boka Navy as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Boka Navy Ceremony

Kotor real estate

Because of the geographical position of Kotor's Municipality, Kotor has to offer a wide range of property types and can meet everyone's needs. Wheater you are looking to buy a waterfront stone house in Dobrota, Perast or Ljuta, modern villas in Muo, Prcanj, or Stoliv, rural estates in Grbalj and Grahovo, centuries-old charming apartments in Kotor Old Town, gated communities with pools and all the necessary amenities for a successful rental investment be sure that you can find in Kotor your dream property.

Kotor properties and real estate for sale

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