July 29, 2023

Coming in at 11th place in Euro News’ list of the top retirement spots in Europe, Kotor was noted to be an investor’s ideal paradise.

Retirees from abroad have been enticed by the affordability and attractiveness of this location for retirement. Situated near the gorgeous Bay of Kotor, the city provides retirees with access to picturesque beaches and idyllic towns along the Adriatic coast, the authors of the study describe.

Kotor is known for its favorable residency policy and its active expat community. An individual can easily retire in the city with an average of only $837, and couples can manage on less than $1,500.

Gathering information for a ranking of the top retirement spots in Europe required input from a variety of sources, including Live & Invest Overseas, US News & World Report, Travel & Leisure, European Best Destinations, Expatriate Consultancy, International Living, and Reddit discussions and comments from retirees.

For every website that suggested a location, it earned a point. The areas with comparable tallies were matched based on cost of living; if a place was less expensive than the 2nd one, it was given an additional 0.1 point, and if it was cheaper than the 3rd, it got an extra 0.2, and so on.

Research into the monthly cost of living was sourced from various entities, such as International Living and Livingcost.org. These places were then ranked from the least expensive to the most expensive.

According to Euro News, Spain and Croatia are some of the best European countries to retire in. Spain is highly sought-after due to its warm weather, stunning beaches and safety. The World Economic Forum has noted that Spaniards have the highest life expectancy in Europe, at 83.1 years, which could be attributed to their Mediterranean diet. This diet is typically full of fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish.

Coming in at number 13, Ljubljana made the list of the 20 most beautiful cities for retirees to enjoy. Valletta (Malta) topped the list, with Berlin (Germany) and Lisbon (Portugal) following close behind.

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