Growth Forecasts

February 15, 2024

Prime residential property has shown resilience against depressed economic outlooks worldwide, but it is not immune from challenges. Of the 30 major global cities Savills monitors, 17 will record slower capital value growth than in 2023. However, 13 cities are...

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Montenegro Featured in Savills Global Research Covering Integrated Resorts

August 4, 2023

In the latest Savills research publication titled “Development trends in integrated resorts”, our Managing Director Kieran Kelleher provides expert insight into current trends focusing on Montenegro. When asked, what are your clients looking for in their resort properties Kieran Kelleher...

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Kotor included among the top European cities for retirement

July 29, 2023

Coming in at 11th place in Euro News’ list of the top retirement spots in Europe, Kotor was noted to be an investor’s ideal paradise. Retirees from abroad have been enticed by the affordability and attractiveness of this location for...

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Opening a bank account in Montenegro for non-residents

January 20, 2023

One of the frequently asked questions coming from foreign buyers, is how to open a bank account in Montenegro? This procedure is changing from time to time and depends on the bank, but here is some general information.In order to...

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How to buy a property in Montenegro in 20 steps!

January 14, 2023

Whether virtually or in person with us, once you have chosen your dream estate in Montenegro, we will manage the process, with your input, to ensure that everything is in order and we get you moved into your 1st, 2nd or...

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